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A central question in the Gospel of Mark is the one Jesus asked his disciples:  “Who do you say I am?”  The confusion about Jesus’ true identity, and to therefore fully understand the consequences of following Jesus, is a core theme in this Gospel.  Mark 14-15 brings the confusion to its climax.  The religious leaders, Pilate, the crowds, and soldiers are all confused about who Jesus is.  But even more surprising, the disciples are equally confused.  There are plenty examples throughout the entire Gospel, e.g. how they never understood the mystery of the reign of God expressed in the parables (4:10-13, 34), or how they questioned who Jesus is in the miracle of calming the storm (verses 40-41), or when Peter rejected Jesus’ self-understanding as one who must suffer and die (8:27-33), and after the other two passion predictions where the disciples respond inappropriately (arguing over who is the greatest in 10:30-37 and asking to sit on Jesus’ right and left hand in glory in 11:32-40). No wonder that Peter’s denial and Judas’ betrayal are integral parts of the passion story in Mark 14-15.  The biggest challenges for us, as we prepare for yet another Holy Week, is whether we truly comprehend who Jesus is in our world today.  Where would you find Him today and how can you participate in what He is doing?


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