Identifying With The Suffering One

March 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

We start preparing ourselves this week for the Holy Week journey next week.  The main question during this preparation is whether we are willing and able to identify with the Suffering One.  That is also the main question of Isaiah 50:4-9a.  Mark Gignilliat tells the following story about Teresa of Avila, the 16th century mystical writer:

“In a particularly difficult moment of her life she was forced to cross a river while sick with fever.  She raised her voice of complaint heavenward, ‘Lord, amid so many ills this comes on top of all the rest!’  A voiced responded, ‘This is how I treat my friends.’  ‘Ah, my God!’  Teresa retorted, ‘That is why you have so few of them!'”  Following Jesus is not a guarantee against suffering.  To the contrary, to follow Jesus is not safe at all.  It is part of the contract with God to take up our own cross when following the Suffering One.  What does that look like for you during this year’s Holy Week?


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