For God So Loved The World…

March 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

John 3:16 has become one of Christianity’s most popular soundbites.  You find it on banners and road signs everywhere.  It is popular and handy, because it is such a straightforward expression of the core truth of our faith – the good news of God’s love for the world and the promise of eternal life rather than condemnation.  However, when you read this verse in context of what follows, you are confronted with a reality in which some people stay condemned.  How can God so love the world that God sends his son in order to save the world (verse 17) and at the same time condemn some in it (verse 18)?  If you read carefully though, you will clearly see that God is not the one condemning, but “whoever does not believe stands condemned.”  Everyone is included in God’s love that does not condemn.  But apparently, some decide not to embrace this amazing love.  Some rejects it because they choose not to believe in it.  All of us have this ability at any particular moment to throw God’s mercy back in his face, and therefore bringing condemnation over ourselves.  Which is why we never take God’s love and mercy for granted as if we own it or appreciate God’s grace as a fresh gift to us every single day!


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