Promise and Faith

March 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

We are a people of faith who rest in God’s promises rather than complying to the law.  That is the main argument of Romans 4:13-25.  But because we are human, we are always tempted to rely on that which is much closer to our grasp (such as adhering to a law) rather than that which is beyond our control (such as trusting the promise of someone else).  Paul warns us against the misleading tendency to take a law as an end in itself.  The law has always been a means of pointing toward God.  As such it is meant to liberate. But when considered as an end in itself, the consequence can be a state of spiritual confusion in which all hope is obscured because of our inability to obey the law.  As Daniel Deffenbaugh writes about this, “The moon slips behind the clouds and only an insufficient finger remains. We then grasp at straws, redefining our world in ever simpler terms — us and them, insiders and outsiders — until we eventually reach the depths of our own private hell.”  The temptation is a bumper sticker religion that relies on simple recipes for life rather than a relational faith that trusts the promises of God.  What you and I have to learn today is to trust God and to find God’s promises to be enough.


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