Genuine Evangelism

February 6, 2012 § 1 Comment

The nameless young girl in 2 Kings 5:1-14 is a classical example of a genuine evangelist.  I can’t say it better than Walter Brueggemann in his book, Testimony To Otherwise:  “The nameless young girl is surely an outsider in Syria, where she lives.  She is not acknowledged, not valued, and not free to go home.  She is, in my judgment, the pivot of the narrative.  She knows who she is; in her displacement she has not forgotten anything.  And so in the crisis of leprosy, she gives a bold account of healing, a genuine evangelist.  She is not mentioned again, but she makes the entire narrative of new life possible for her ‘betters.’  In her witness, she gives strength; in her faith, she preempts Syrian territory for the God of Israel and the prophet in Israel.  She does so in deep vulnerability.  As a long-term consequence of her telling, the God of Israel is fully thanked by the Syrian general; she, by contrast, is not thanked at all.”  You and I are not required to do anything spectacular today.  In the simple things of life, we are called to point others to the new life in Christ.  Not to get the credit, but to be faithful witnesses for God.


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