On Eagles’ Wings

January 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

Isaiah 40:21-31 is a passage of hope.  It creates trust in God over and against any other source of help.  It draws a picture of the power of God’s movement in the midst of human history.  In order to do so, the writer draws sharp distinction between God and all these other sources that claim to have power or give life.  The writer clearly disputes the claims of these other sources and invites us as readers to do the wise thing by participating in God’s movement rather than trusting these other sources.  The “idols critique” is devastating:  princes come to naught and rulers are nothing (40:24); they wither and a whirlwind easily sweeps them away like chaff (40:25).  Nothing can compare with God (40:26).  He is the true Creator and the only One with power and strength (40:26).  We can trust Him.  He will not grow tired or weary (40:28).  Therefore, He is the only source of hope; the only One that can provide the weary and weak with wings like eagles (40:31).  Where do you and I put our hearts today?  Especially for those circumstances where we feel weakness and weariness?  Do we look somewhere else for help rather than getting on eagles’ wings?


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