Find Rest In God Alone

January 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Psalm 62:5-12 expresses our total dependence on God.  In Him alone do we trust and find rest.  He alone is our rock.  As Walter Brueggemann prayed in one of his classes on September 30, 1993:

We discover yet again, how sandy we are, with the quaking of our foundations and our fantasized firmaments.  We are filled with trembling and nightmares that disturb.  And then you-rock-solid-stable-reliable-sure, You rock against our sand, You rock of ages, You rock that is higher than us treading water, You rock of compassion – be compassionate even for us, our loved ones and all our needy neighbors, Your rock of abidingness for our sick, and for those long loved, lingering memories, dead and in your care, Your rock of justice for the nations, fed up with our hate, exhausted by the greed of our several tribes, You rock of communion in our loneliness, rock of graciousness in our many modes of gracelessness…  Move us from our sandy certitudes to your grace-filled risk, Move us to become more rock-like in compassion and abidingness and justice, Move us to be more like you in our neighborliness and in our self-regard.  Yes, yes, yes – move us that we may finally stand on the solid rock, no more sinking sand.  Amen.


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