Blessed New Year!

January 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

A new year always brings with it the hope of newness.  Everybody is in need of starting over every now and then.  We seek freshness to the stuckness that inevitably comes with our mundane pasts.  But Christians don’t rely on freshness and newness to come through our own ability to fulfill those new year resolutions.  We know creativity starts with God.  Even when we succeed to do something new, it is through the gifted power of the Holy Spirit.  So, Genesis 1:1-5 is an appropriate new year’s text, because it starts the Bible with God’s creative style of doing something new.  And yet, it is fascinating to notice how God chooses to be creative.  God’s creation is a dynamic process in which creatures are included to participate in God’s creation of newness.  In his commentary on this passage, Terrence Fretheim summarizes:  “In sum, God takes the ongoing creational process into account in shaping new directions for the world, one dimension of which is engaging creatures in creative activity. Divine decisions interact with creaturely activity in the becoming of the world. God’s approach to creation was and continues to be communal and relational.”  God is up to something new in and through your life and mine.  How can we become more sensitive for His creative power in the world so that we can participate in His ongoing creation of newness?


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