What Do You Think About The Christ?

October 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Our understanding of the Christian faith may sometimes be accurate in terms of what it is we believe, but the more important question is always whether our understanding is adequate.  Is it adequate in the sense of getting us to the core of what our faith truly means?  For example, the knowledge of the Pharisees in their Q&A sessions with Jesus was not inaccurate, it was simply inadequate.  The Pharisees understood the law very well, but Jesus’ answer to their question (22:34-40) takes them to the heart of the issue.  You can obey the law and still miss what it truly means, namely to love God and love you neighbor.  It is even more evident when Jesus turns the tables on them by asking them a question (22:41-46).  “What do you think about the Christ?”, Jesus asks.  Their answer is not wrong.  He is the son of David.  But of course, their answer is completely inadequate.  They fail to recognize that this son of David is in fact the Lord.  What do you and I think about the Christ.  Do we reduce or even distort who Christ is by filtering Him trough our own self-interest?  Or will we allow Him to be Lord, the One who cannot be boxed in by our agendas, but who will always rule in God’s kingdom of love?


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