The Invitation

October 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

Someone once wrote about the parable in Matthew 22:1-14 that you won’t find it in your child’s Sunday school curriculum, because it is intended for theologically mature audiences only.  Well, at least Jesus’ audience with this parable was supposed to be “theologically mature.”  He directs this parable to the chief priests and elders of Jerusalem (21:23).  They were, of course, also the very people responsible for his arrest and handing him over for execution.  The parable serves to explain how those who are supposed to be the wedding guests at the Heavenly Banquet may not want to attend after all because of their rejection of the invitation.  Instead, the common people from the street, who would not have expected an invitation to a royal wedding, may end up being the ones attending.  This is a story about the strange logic of the Gospel.  There are no criteria that will automatically guarantee you a seat at this wedding except to accept the extremely inclusive invitation that everyone receives in and through Jesus.  Those who think they deserve it may end up rejecting it.  Those who think they don’t deserve it may be surprised by receiving a sudden, unexpected invitation.  God surprises you and I every single day with his invitation to live into His abundance, but are we ready to gladly receive and accept the invitation today?


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