Frustrating Expectations

September 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Isaiah 5:1-7 is a song about frustrating expectations.  We all know the feeling when you have put everything into something and it does not deliver the results that you expected.  The disappointment of the “loved one” with his vineyard (5:1-2) turns into anger (5:5-7), because “what more could have been done”? (5:6).  This is already a sad story in its own right, but it becomes even worse in 5:7, because there we discover that this is a story about us.  This is a story about God’s disappointment with us.  He gives us everything we need to live full lives of abundance and to be His people in the world.  And yet, we squander his goodness with our selfishness and destroy His love and care for us with our recklessness.  Can we even begin to imagine God’s frustrating expectations for us?  Fortunately, there is hope for us when we read Isaiah 5 in context of the entire Gospel.  We also know how God dealt with His own frustrated expectations.  He replaced this disappointing vineyard with his own Son.  Christ became the vine.  We don’t have to be the vineyard anymore, but only the branches rooted in Christ as the vine (John 15).  May you and I find our life-giving sources from Christ today so that we can have a fruitful day!


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