September 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

This Sunday marks the beginning of an eleven-week journey in our congregation to discover the spiritual depths of our life journey with God.  It will be based on the Book of Exodus.  From next week, every Friday’s blog contribution will be devoted to that particular week’s readings from Exodus (next week will be based on chapters 1 and 2).  The place of Exodus in Jewish and Christian traditions articulates a number of core convictions about our faith:  (1)  First of all, it is a story about who God is on his journey with us; (2)  God reveals himself as a God with the sovereign capacity over all rivals; (2)  This capacity of God emerges as God’s redemption on the life journeys of people; (3)  God is a liberating God who protects and saves oppressed people from oppressive powers; (4)  However, on this journey with people, God also requires a commitment from his people.  It is my prayer that reading Exodus over the next three months will provide the Spirit of God with many opportunities to take people to spiritual depths where they do not only get to know God better, but also experience the transformation of His ability to bring newness where there has been stuckness before.


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