The Work of the God

September 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

The variety of verbs in the prayer of Psalm 119:33-40 give us insight in the work of God:  Teach me (v.33); give understanding (v.34); direct me (v.35); turn my eyes/heart (v.36-37); fulfill your promise (v.38); take away the disgrace (v.39).  It becomes evident in the flow of this prayer that teaching and understanding can never be separated from a change in direction and a change of heart.  Information on its own makes no sense in a Christian vocabulary.  Information without formation and transformation can only be interesting, but never life-changing.  This prayer for a re-direction and a re-focusing of the eyes and heart is ultimately a prayer for a turn away from disgrace towards the promises of God.  The teaching of the Lord and our understanding has as its purpose our ability to keep our focus on the Lord’s ability to fulfill His promises and to protect us from disgrace.  What is your prayer today?  What is the disgrace that the Lord has to protect you from?  In terms of what do you have to trust the promises of God?  What is the transformation that needs to take place in your life?


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