A Stable World

May 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

On Memorial Day – a day when we honor those who paid the ultimate price in serving their country – it is difficult to regard the world as a stable place.  The reality of wars, sending loved ones on harm’s way, and sacrificing lives for the sake of protection against evil certainly don’t suggest that we live in a stable world.  And yet, Psalm 93 praises God for his unshakable reign in the world.  Yes, because of the nature of humanity, we discover attempts to make the world an unstable place every day.  And yet, because of who God is, we discover the promise that God will never abandon this world despite our ability to make things unstable.  A God-perspective on this world lead us to the confession, “The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved” (93:1).  As a direct result of God’s rule, verses 1-2 announce that the world enjoys stability, and verses 3-4 attest God’s defeat of the chaos in the world.  This, in fact, makes Psalm 93 a very appropriate song of praise on Memorial Day.  In the midst of the power struggles of a world with its cycles of violence, the only hope which we clinch to is the hope we find in God’s promise of a stable world.


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