Breakfast on the Beach

May 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

With more and more signs of summer arriving here in Northwest Pennsylvania, breakfast on the beach sounds like an exciting proposition.  That is if you recognize at all that summer is coming.  Many people live their lives in the darkness of a mentality of scarcity and completely miss the signs of abundant life that they have received through the rising sun at the break of dawn.  John 21:1-14 is yet another story of the disciples’ inability to recognize the risen Christ.  They were out fishing, not catching anything (21:3).  They were so busy struggling to overcome their world of scarcity that they could not recognize the presence of the risen Christ near them (21:4).  Just like many of us, struggling through the ordinary routines of our daily lives trying to make a living, well aware of the lack of resources to make all our dreams happen.  But fortunately Jesus took the initiative to open their eyes so that they could recognize Him in their midst (21:7).  It came through providing them with an abundance of fish (21:6).  But more than that, he invited them to join him for breakfast on the beach, where they were met with the smell of fish on the grill (21:9-12).  Every single day, winter or summer, Jesus invites you and me for breakfast on the beach, where he will break the bread and share the fish (21:13) so that we can live in the reality of the abundant life provided through His resurrection.  May he open our eyes today for the reality of His abundant life in the midst of our every day struggles.


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