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The appropriate response to the confession that Jesus, as the risen Christ, is the Lord is repentance (Acts 2:36-41).  That is what the first believers in Acts discovered when they asked themselves the question on what to do in response to Jesus’ resurrection (2:37-38).  Those who accepted the message of repentance and who turned away from a “corrupt generation” were then baptized and received the gift of the Holy Spirit (2:38-41).  The Greek verb for “repent” is “metanoeo”, which is a combination of “meta” meaning “with” or “after” and “noeo” meaning “to perceive” or “think”.  It means to have an afterthought or second thought about something or someone that leads to a change of perception or thinking.  Repentance is to not accept the dominant perceptions and thoughts about what is going on our lives and in the world, but to always run it through the afterthought or second thought of the Gospel of the risen Christ.  Our actions are always determined by our perceptions and how we look at what is going on in our lives and in the world.  May the Lord bless us with the spiritual eyes and minds infused by the Holy Spirit so that we may live our lives shaped by the criteria of the Gospel rather than the criteria of a corrupted generation.


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