Recognizing Jesus on the Road

May 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Luke 24:13-35 is about our every day Christian journey into the village (neighborhood, town…).  It takes us on the road into the realities of ordinary life, and it is brutally honest about our struggle to recognize Jesus on this road.  In spite of our faith in God and our knowledge about Jesus, we find it hard to recognize his presence on the road into the village.  The travelers to Emmaus were followers of Christ and knew the Scriptures, but still missed his appearance among them when they were on the road into the village.  This happens to us as well.  When we are back on the road on Monday after our worship on Sunday, we become realists in this world who do not expect the living Christ to be a real presence among the people we will encounter in the ordinary routines of our weekly lives.  Our faith becomes a belief system of ideas and values that we clinch to, and yet not helping us to anticipate and to seek the living presence of Christ in the village.  Our hearts maybe burning within us for Jesus, but our eyes are blinded to see him beyond the faces of others.  This is the biggest challenge of the church in mission, namely to find the world (village) a hospitable place where God is already present and active, and to participate in His presence through relationships and partnerships with others.  The travelers to Emmaus recognized Jesus when He broke the bread to them and they received this blessing and gift from Him.  In receiving the bread broken for us by others, we are given Jesus.  Maybe we are so busy figuring out how to break bread for others that we cannot find others hospitable anymore.  We treat them as the objects of our benevolence rather than expecting Jesus to come to us through relationships with them.  May you and I expect Jesus to show up in our encounters on the road to the village today!


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