Out Of The Depths

April 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

The chapel of the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem has some beautiful stained-glass windows set within a domed ceiling so as to direct worshippers heavenwards.  Directly below the windows, though, the floor was sunken and a pulpit placed in the middle of the sunken area.  Hospital representatives will tell you the reason for that is because all prayers should be offered out of the depths. Psalm 130 is an excellent example:  “Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord” (130:1).  It is a “cry for mercy” (130:2) that represents a patient waiting on the Lord (130:5-6) to show up with His “unfailing love” (130:7).  The proper posture before God is always to recognize that authentic faith grows from within the midst of hardship, hurt, and loss.  We address God not from a position of strength, but out of the depths of despair.  We are wholly dependent on God’s mercy to continuously lift us up from the mess of life.  What are all those depths from which you address God today?  “Put your hope in the Lord” (130:7) and claim the promise of his unfailing love no matter what.


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