New Possibilities

April 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Many people have the experience that they are currently worse off than in the past and that they are heading for increasingly difficult times (especially given current economic circumstances).  In 1 Samuel 16:1-13, Samuel seems to be in a similar situation.  He was in a state of mourning because he knows that the man (Saul) who he had anointed and guided as first king over Israel had failed and is now rejected by God (16:1).  Like many of us, he mourned a lost past.  Samuel’s mourning then turned into fear for what the future might hold (16:2).  It is natural for us as well to develop higher anxiety about the future when securities of the past are gradually falling away.  But… it is in the midst of mourning and fear that God shows up to do what God does so well!!!  He turns seemingly desperate situations into opportunities of new possibilities.  And many times the new possibilities that emerge from within difficult circumstances are completely different and “out of the box” in relation to what we were used to in the past.  Samuel had to let go of his strong man image of a king, and had to look for completely different characteristics in identifying the new king (16:7-12).  New possibilities are arising every day in our lives… if only we can see them as God’s gifts to us when we are not fixated on the expectations of the past…


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