What More Do You Want?

March 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

In Exodus 33:7-23 it seems like Moses is overstepping the boundaries between humankind and God.  Up until this point in the conversation between Moses and God, Moses has successfully persuaded God against total destruction of the Israelites (after their Golden Calf incident in the previous chapter).  After negotiating forgiveness for them, He even went further by securing God’s presence with them on their future journeys.  God also assured him of greater knowledge of God, and that God will give him a clear sign of God’s favor.  However, it does not seem to be enough for Moses.  He goes for broke: “Now show me your glory” (33:18).  In God’s response though, He makes it clear how His revelation works:  “I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you… but, you cannot see my face… you will see my back, but my face must not be seen” (33:19-23).  This answer suggests that God will not allow us to ultimately control His revelation.  God assures us of his presence, his mercy, his compassion, and his guidance on our journeys. That is all we need from God.  What more could you and I possibly want?  Anything more would suggest an inappropriate effort to manipulate or domesticate God for our own purposes.  Trust that God’s presence with you will be sufficient for your journey through the day.


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