Jesus on Divorce

February 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

When the Pharisees were interested in testing Jesus on whether divorce is lawful or not under any circumstances (Matthew 19:1-12), Jesus was first of all more interested in considering the meaning of marriage (19:4-6).  Marriage is an expression of how human beings are designed as relational beings in the image of God.  Therefore, to be united in marriage as male and female is God’s work in which He makes them one as God is one through the relationship between Father, Son, and Spirit.  Divorce is one way in which that unity gets broken, and therefore reflecting badly on the image of God Himself.  Anything that causes brokenness in God’s design of relationality is called a sin of adultery (19:9).  Which is also why Jesus allows divorce under the circumstances of marital unfaithfulness (adultery) already being committed by the other party.  As usual, the Pharisees missed the point to try to find justification for divorce.  The only response possible is the one that should be part of our lives every single day given the reality of broken relationships.  And that is a response of repentance and an appeal to God’s mercy.  What do you and I pray today within the realities of our marital relationships?


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