The Not So Perfect

February 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Perfection is such a high ambition in our society.  Everyone strives to be more perfect than what they are.  In a competitive culture, it is often important to try to be better than somebody else.  We just cannot stop ourselves from contrasting, comparing, and setting up hierarchies with our criteria of what is better/greater/stronger and worse/smaller/weaker.  But the rules of engagement in Jesus’ kingdom is in sharp contrast to the logic of those who think life is about earning greater glory through perfecting yourself.  “Blessed are you who are poor… you who hunger now… you who weep now… because great is your reward in heaven”; “woe to you who are rich… who are well fed now… who laugh now… for you have already received your comfort” (Luke 6:20-26).  God’s kingdom is not earned by a few who achieve perfection, and neither is there any need to pretend perfection.  The big miracle of God’s kingdom is that God’s power flows in and through the not so perfect.  Those who know that they have no reason to claim privilege also have a better chance of recognizing their absolute dependence on God.  God knows you and I are not perfect and that we will get it wrong by putting ourselves in the way.  God understands that we all have the same predicament as mortal human beings.  And yet, God will send His blessings in and through the not so perfect you and me today!


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