Do Not Be Disturbed

January 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

It is so easy for God’s people to get preoccupied with the existence of wickedness in the world.  It is a natural response for Christians to become frustrated, angry, or even wrathful in the face of the many shapes and forms of evil, sin, and wickedness.  However, even though it is important to be concerned about all these things, Psalm 37 suggests the response of God’s people can go too far on these matters.  Three times in the first eight verses of the Psalm (37:1, 7, 8), the writer warns, “Do not fret.  If you are getting overly disturbed by what is wrong in the world, you can easily get consumed by these problems to the extent that it takes your focus away from God’s presence, work and control in the world.  A self-consuming vexation with what is wrong can have a negative impact on your relationship with God that lead to a mistrust of God and even a doubtfulness about God’s power in the world.  Therefore, it is no surprise that twice during these first eight verses there is also the encouragement to “trust in the Lord” (37:3, 5).  Our trust in the Lord amidst the world’s wickedness come in the form of being still before the Lord and to wait patiently on Him (37:7), and to continue committing ourselves to Him by doing what is right (37:3-5).  Are there any self-consuming concerns that you have to relinquish to God by trusting Him with the future?


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