Turn of Events

January 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Together with other songs in Luke – Mary’s song in 1:46-55 and Simeon’s song in 1:1:29-32 – Zechariah’s song in Luke 1:68-79 rates among the great praise songs in the Gospel of Luke.  What is most interesting about this song is that originates in the midst of all kinds of turns of events.  God is praised after the birth of a son (John) that happened completely unexpected given the fact that his parents (Zechariah and Elizabeth) were “both well on in years” and his mother “was barren” (1:7).  And when everyone expected the usual course of events after the birth of a son (1:58-62), it became evident that there is something extraordinary about this child.  Not only is this reflected in an unexpected name (1:60, 63), but it was clear from the beginning that there is something special about this child’s character and calling (1:15-16).  “The neighbors were all filled with awe” and “people were talking” about him (1:65).  Zechariah’s song follows directly on the question of expectation that was on everyone’s lips:  “What then is this child going to be”? (1:66).  In Zechariah’s song the answer is clear:  he is going to be among the greatest because He will prepare the way for the Lord (1:76).  You and I should still expect the unexpected as God continues to turn the events of our lives into His purposes for us.  Adding another day to our lives is no accident, because every day God calls us out of our mediocrities of self-centeredness into the greatness of a people who prepare the way for Him.


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