Seeking God’s Face

January 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Are you seeking God’s face or God’s hands?  For many people, God is a giant Santa Claus.  They think if you simply submit your wish list to God, then you’ll wake up one morning and everything is well.  People who are only seeking God’s hands fail to realize that relationship is everything.  The writer of Psalm 27 seeks God’s face above all (27:8).  This psalm is mostly concerned about a God who does “not reject me or forsake me” (27:9).  It sometimes takes a while for parents to discover that what our kids want most from us is time to just hang out with them.  Just to participate in some fun activity with them.  The best investment in a child’s life is to build a relationship with him/her.  It is no different with God.  If our motive is to love God for who God is, without an agenda to earn God’s favor or to impress God, we are truly enjoying God’s presence as the One who accepts us and always accompanies us wherever we go.  How much time do you and I invest in our relationship with God by simply seeking His face for the sake of enjoying His company by listening to His Word and talking to Him in prayer?


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