Called by God to reflect His Light

January 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

It is common to interpret The Servant of the Lord passages in Isaiah as already a reference to the Christ as the coming Messiah and Servant of the Lord.  Isaiah 49:1-7 is a good example.  However, in the Old Testament it sometimes also refers to Israel as God’s people, and it is still relevant as a reference to us as God’s people in today’s world.  To be God’s servant starts with understanding yourself as being called by God to not only belong to Him, but also to be in His service (49:1-3).  It is not always easy to look at ourselves with the belief and confidence that God can actually use us in His service.  We tend to be intimidated by the limitations and darkness in our lives which make it difficult to think about ourselves as reflecting God’s light in the world (49:6).  Therefore, our first reaction is to think small and to make excuses (49:4).  And yet, all of that change when we realize that we are in the Lord’s hands (49:4) and that He will give me the strength that I need to be the person He wants me to be for the sake of His purposes in the world (49:5).  Let us look differently at ourselves today.  After all, we are the chosen people of a faithful God (49:7) that will receive from Him everything we need to be His witnesses wherever we go today.


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