The Deep Valleys of Life

January 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Psalm 89 is a marathon of a psalm.  But one aspect of this psalm stands out.  It is a cry of help from a person or people who find themselves at a really bad place in their life right now.  The psalm reflects the inability of faith to always see over the next horizon to a place or time where life will be better.  It happen to even believers.  Worse, in situations of pain or distress, it sometimes feel like God has not kept God’s promises.  You know God is faithful, but you simply cannot get yourself to imagine how God will be able to change your situation.  “Where is your former great love, which in your faithfulness you swore?” (89:49).  “Will you hide yourself forever?” (89:46).  Are you also in a bad place right now in your life, asking the same type of questions?  Today’s psalm suggests that during times like this there are no quick fix answers, but that it is okay to ask these questions.  In between asking the questions, the writer of this psalm still continues to remind himself of God’s faithfulness in the past despite the fact that it is difficult to see how that can be true of his own situation.  Because he knows that God will redeem, heal, plant, transform life again regardless the inability to see how that can happen.  Our trustworthy God is with you and me today… even in the deep valleys of life where we can’t see Him from within our shadows.


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