The Voice of the Lord

January 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Not many people would sing praise songs when a thundering storm is coming in.  But Psalm 29 does.  When the lightning, thunder, and wind of storm come in from the Mediterranean Sea, the poet of this psalm praise the Lord for his glory and strength (29:1).  This poet identifies the storm with the voice of the Lord (29:3-9).  The voice thunders over the waters and rip creation apart.  There is clearly nothing comforting or comfortable about this voice.  It is not the “gentle whisper” of 1 Kings 19:12.  Sometimes the Lord has to speak forcefully into our lives and allow us no defense.  When He knows we will not be responsive to a quiet whisper in the ear, He will sweep us from our feet for our own sake and the sake of His purpose for us.  There is no possible response when the Lord does this, except one.  In today’s psalm, all the believers in the temple could say in response was “Glory!” (29:9).  It is not when we are strong, confident, and self-assured, but when we are helplessly swept away by the Lord’s voice that we are brought to realize our complete dependence on the One who speaks.  How is the Lord currently speaking to you in your life?


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