God Makes Everything New

January 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

In the strange upside-down world of Revelation 21:1-6a, the integrity of God is proven with a clear vision of the future.  What God promised, God will do.  What is it that God will do?  It is a future vision framed by God’s everlasting presence (21:3) through which He will make everything new (21:5).  Everything will not be replaced by new and different things, but everything will be made new.  That means God is not abandoning God’s creation.  This world is not allowed to go to hell.  What will be replaced though are “the older order of things” that cause death, mourning, crying, and pain (21:4).  In this vision, there will no longer be any sea, because in the worldview of Revelation the sea is the source of the beast (the evil forces) that line up against God and God’s people.  With the sea removed, there is no chance that the world will slip again into the nightmare of sin.  Instead, the new Jerusalem will descend from heaven.  In the vision of Revelation, the final hope is not that we go to heaven when we die.  Salvation is not that we go to God, but that God is coming to us to make all things new in His world.  We don’t create this new heaven and earth, but it comes to us as a gift through God’s dwelling among us.  What difference does this vision make to how you look at the world and the future today?


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§ 2 Responses to God Makes Everything New

  • Capt. Ken Hall (U.S.C.G.) says:

    If there is no sea in God’s re-creation, where will Capt. Hall “float his boat”?!?

    Thanks for the morning devotions…

    seeya tomorrow.

    • jannieswart says:

      Yeah, isn’t that weird!? I’m sure John got that part of the vision wrong. I mean… surely, God can just chase the ugly beast out of the sea and leave us with the its peaceful waters! My picture of heaven is sitting at a sunny beach with fried lobster and a glass of champagne 🙂 At least you can hope that the Allegheny does not qualify to be a sea!!!

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