God’s New Year’s Vision for Us

January 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Our text for New Year’s Day is Jeremiah 31:7-14.  Here is my paraphrase restating the text as God’s New Year’s vision for us:

Sing with joy, My people, shout that everyone can hear.  Make your praises heard so that others can know that I am the Savior.  Because, I will bring to you opportunities to be hospitable to the blind, the lame, expectant mothers, and many others who need my healing and care.  They will come to you with weeping, and they will pray for my love and grace.  I will lead them to streams of water and on level paths where they will not stumble.  I will bring them into community with My people, and I will gather you all as a shepherd gathers his flock.  Together, you will rejoice in My bounty.  You will receive My abundance of corn, wine, oil, and the many other gifts that I will give you.  If you live into My abundance, there will be well-watered gardens; no more sorrow and scarcity.  Then everyone will dance and be glad, because I am the Comforter.  Your gladness will overcome the sorrow, and you will be satisfied with My abundance. Blessed New Year!


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