The Morning After…

December 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

There is always a morning after the party when everything returns back to normal.  The Christmas party is no exception.  Even though we have just celebrated the birth of Immanuel – God with us – seemingly nothing has changed in the everyday living circumstances determined by still the same political problems, troubling economy, and other desperations of life.  In fact, for the baby Jesus it became worse after His birth.  He basically became a refugee to escape the consequences of Herod’s intention to kill all baby boys (Matthew 2:13-23).  Jesus’ parents fled with him from Bethlehem to Egypt to eventually settling down in Nazareth.  And we know that was only the beginning of a road to Golgotha where He had to die on a cross as rejected by His own people.

And yet… everything has changed!!!  Because we also know the necessity of this road for the sake of His resurrection and God’s gift of life to all of us.  You would not be able to tell from the evidence, but history changed forever.  God was busy working through all of this (almost “behind the scenes”) despite the fact that seemingly nothing has changed or that things actually became worse.  Christmas does not guarantee changing circumstances, but it does promise that God will continue to surprise with gifts of new life in the midst of these circumstances.  That brings hope, gives peace and joy, and inspires love among us.  Because the Son of God became flesh among us, the sun always rise again the morning after to shine on whatever circumstances the new day bring!


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