Known by God

December 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

The key to fully comprehend the true meaning of Christmas is that we did not choose God, but God took the initiative to reach out to us.  That is why the name of the born child is Jesus, meaning Savior.  God had to intervene to save us
from our inability to choose for Him.  Paul make this very clear in Galatians 4:9 that our knowledge of God is due to the fact that we were first known by God.  Paul knows how difficult it is for us to choose the one and only God above all the other “weak and miserable” gods that also compete for our loyalty (4:8-20).  He is “perplexed” (4:20) on how the Galatians can allow the joy that they have in Christ to disappear (4:15) in the midst of all these other “gods” that are trying “to win them over” and “to alienate them” from Christ (4:17).  This Christmas also gives you and me yet again the opportunity to evaluate our true loyalties in life, and to be re-energized by the joy that we have in Christ.


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